What this journey is all about

Let me introduce myself

Hi there, thank you for stepping by. If you don’t know me yet, I’m Maurice, welcome to my first ever article!

Some quick facts about me: I’m 24, originally coming from around Cologne, Germany and now living and studying in Leipzig. I guess we can find out the rest together on the upcoming journey on this blog.

In the following, I’ll explain why I’m going to write stuff on the internet, what I’m going to write about and what I’m expecting from all of this.

It’ll be about 3 main goals

What’s definitely most important to myself is the documentation of my Master studies and the transition into a future fulltime position. During the first term of my studies, we were confronted with numerous challenges and I wish I would have documented some of them. Therefore, starting this month, I’ll try to better myself and capture as much as possible.

Secondly, I want to break down the content from my studies into short articles about specific topics which might range from corporate governance to economics of finance. I’m sure that this practice is going to help me digest the content of my courses and it’ll surely be interesting to get some feedback about it.

Lastly, I’m convinced that this could be a great opportunity to get to know some new people. I’m aware that there won’t be a lot of readers here (I hope that even one reached this point haha) but if you come across these articles feel free to give feedback, reach out or let me know if you’re in the area to get a coffee.

I’m mainly concerned about the following

Today is not the first day that I’m thinking of starting a blog, it’s not even the first day that I’m sitting down to write a first article and still, this is (hopefully) the first one I’m actually going to upload. Therefore, I’m most concerned with overstating where this journey might go but underperforming in the end. Please hold me accountable to my bi-weekly schedule, I’ll try to return the favor by writing something valuable.

Ali Abdaal has been a great motivator

So as I said, not the first time I’m sitting down to write something. However, Ali has released some great videos lately which really motivated me to actually get it done (at least once). I admire his work ethic, let’s see how it’ll turn out if I try to adopt it.

So what do I bring to the table?

The fact that I’m not quite sure what I should write about has been a major excuse for myself not to start earlier, therefore, I decided to start with content from my studies (that I have to prepare for assignments either way). Thus, I’ll share my study experiences plus I’ll try to tell some useful stories from my previous internships and other projects I’m working on right now.

Mostly, this whole thing is about commitment

So let’s wrap this up. This blog will serve as a means to practice my commitment to something which has no clear deadline or end – I’ll try to not treat it as a sprint. It’ll be about content from my studies, internships and other projects and my only expectation towards myself is to stick to it.

If somebody actually read until here, I hope to have you back for my second post on Sunday in two weeks. Have a nice day.

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